What We Offer

Acrobatic Arts Preschool


This class is more than just acro skills! We focus on the social and physical literacy benchmarks for preschool aged students. Students are engaged through song, imagery, story telling and more.

Guided Movement with KBT's Kelsey Van Tine


Each week our GM students get a unique classroom experience combining classical ballet technique with creative choreographic concepts. Our dancers love exploring new movement strategies in a positive, creative, low pressure setting.

Certified Acro Program


BGDTC is proud to be the FIRST Module 1 & 2 certified Acrobatic Arts Studio in Kentucky. Our program is built on safe & effective progressions with proven results in the areas of flexibility, balancing, strength, limbering, and tumbling.

Alixa Flexibility Certified Instructors


At Bluegrass we are serious about safety and injury prevention. Our instructors our trained on building a proper flexibility foundation focusing on proper body alignment & increased mobility. We do NOT believe in forced flexibility

One of a Kind Performance Opportunities


Our annual recital is held at the area's premiere performance venue EKU Centre for the Arts. Our students will experience state of the art facilities, dressing rooms, customized lighting, unique backdrops, red carpet photos and more.

CLI Interactive Classes


Our studio is equipped with ground breaking technology which allows our students to interact with the industry's top choreographers and instructors in every style of dance- right from our classrooms!