Believe in Bluegrass



Bluegrass Dance Center was founded by Renee Brice in 2006 on the same  basic fundamental principles we pride ourselves on today. Strong  technique, modest costuming, innovative ideas, conservative  choreography, and the belief every child can dance.



"We are all students of dance, of performance, and of life".

Our  goal at Bluegrass Dance Center is to provide a fun, safe atmosphere for  our students to be inspired to love dance…and not only today, but for  the rest of their lives. We strive to teach proper technique, introduce  an appreciation for the art of dance, and promote self-confidence in all  of our young dancers.



Bluegrass Dance Center is a children’s dance studio providing  excellent instruction in a facility operated by well-trained and  experienced instructors with heavily-decorated dance and twirling  backgrounds. We’re a fun and friendly dance center ready to share our  love for movement arts with you! Our studio offers instruction in a wide  range of styles, including ballet, baton twirling, contemporary, jazz,  hip hop, lyrical, rhythmic, tap, musical theatre, and acro.

We’re  committed to providing an enjoyable and educational dance experience  for all children, from the recreational dancer to those who are on a  competitive track. We know first hand that dancing transforms lives,  relationships, and attitudes. Participation in dance classes enable  young people to create friendships and experience team work while  participating in an activity that simultaneously improves their minds  and bodies.

The benefits of dancing can be seen  and felt outside of the classroom, and continue well beyond the yearly  dance recital. We also strive to provide excellent technical training in  several style(s) of dance, and do this by taking great care in matching  up our instructors with classes in their signature styles, and those in  which they have had the most technical training. 

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